Minimal CentOS 7 VM running a Jupyter service. Connections, user and passwords for the VM can be found at the Description. SHASUM 42d480c5dd6eb4c7b35540276629e75234c9aebc

CentOS Base

Minimal CentOS 7 VM for the Cloudevel® platform. You can find the access information at the VM's description. SHASUM: c35359859ffd4578e9d7ed845f565f722fa4e6b2

Ubuntu Base

Minimal Ubuntu VM with Jupyter, Apache and MySQL servers enabled | Access Jupyter from http://localhost:8999, password: Jupyter | sudo user: oi password: 0p3n5t4ck | MariaDB root password: 0p3n5t4ck | Acess to Apache web service: http://localhost:8980 | Adminer location: http://localhost:8980/adminer.php shasum 402b7bfb4bd97879e7afa961a94eac8a46763121

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